"Our mission is to manufacture innovative functional tea beverages for the diabetic-friendly consumer product category."

Murray Fleming, Chief Executive Officer


Glucose Health, Inc. conceived the idea of manufacturing a healthy or functional tea beverage for the emerging diabetic-friendly consumer product category, in more


According to The National Diabetes Statistics Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29 million Americans currently have diabetes - and one in three - more than 86 million Americans - are more

Product Strategy

Glucose Health® is the first iced tea alternative to Glucerna Advance, Boost Glucose Control and Enterex Diabetic; all dairy-shake beverages and top-sellers in the diabetic-friendly consumer product more

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Latest News


August 21, 2017 -- Glucose Health, Inc. Fiscal Update – Higher Gross Profit, Net Income; Reduced Liabilities
BENTONVILLE AR, August 21, 2017 – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) (“Company”), today confirmed the following selected financial data for the 6-month period ended June...


August 9, 2017 -- Glucose Health, Inc. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with Walmart
BENTONVILLE AR – Glucose Health, Inc. (OTC: “GLUC”) (“Company”), today announced the successful implementation of EDI with Walmart, completing the Company’s year-long...
Peggy Knight - Advisor, Marketing & Branding of Glucose Health, Inc.

"We are growing the Glucose Health® and Keep your Balance™ brands by marketing our unique proprietary formula in a wide variety of product formats to appeal to consumers and pharmacy retailers."

John Lykins - Advisor, Manufacturing of Glucose Health, Inc.

"We manufacture high quality natural dietary supplement products and are compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices"

Judy Nostrund - Accounting & Audit Liason of Glucose Health, Inc.

"Glucose Health, Inc. files quarterly informational reports and annual audited financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission."

Chandrasekhar Mallangi, Ph.D. - Advisor, Nutrition Science of Glucose Health, Inc.

"The Glucose Health® Daily Blood Sugar Maintenance formula is for persons concerned about Type-2 diabetes and maintaining their good health with dietary supplements.”