About Us

Our History

In November 2014, the principals of Glucose Health, Inc. began manufacturing functional  beverages for the newly emerging diabetic nutritionals consumer market segment.  A proprietary formula was developed for Glucose Health, Inc. by Dr. Chandrasekhar Mallangi.  For 25 years Dr. Mallangi managed the Nestle USA nutrition product development team. In 2018, Glucose Health Inc. introduced new & improved GlucoDown® Diabetic Formula Iced Tea mixes in Peach, Lemon, Raspberry and Super Berry. In 2019, GlucoDown® Diabetic Formula Cappuccino and Horchata (traditional Mexican drink) will be launched. GlucoDown® is available in-store at Walmart pharmacies nationwide, Walmart.com and Amazon.com.  

Our Market

According to The National Diabetes Statistics Report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 29 million Americans currently have diabetes and one in three (more than 86 million Americans) are pre-diabetic. Diabetes touches virtually every American family. According to Euromonitor, the world's leading market research firm, the highest-growth beverage industry category, through the year 2020, is healthy or functional beverages. The CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of functional beverages is forecast by Euromonitor to be 10.1%. Accordingly, the Glucose Health, Inc. corporate mission is "to manufacture high quality innovative functional beverages for the diabetic nutritionals consumer market category". 

Our Product Strategy

GlucoDown® is the first tea mix beverage in North American ever to be enriched with healthy, 100% soluble fiber. GlucoDown® offers an efficacious formula of bioavailable trace minerals, key macro and micro-nutrients, the compelling plant-based extract, Banaba Leaf, in addition to soluble fiber. Every serving of GlucoDown® is "Diabetic Friendly" having "No Sugar"; being "Decaffeinated" and a "Good Source of Soluble Dietary Fiber". For more information including clinical study citations regarding the ingredients comprising the GlucoDown® formula, please visit our dedicated product site www.glucodown.com.